Krista Keil uses her faith, professional skills, and personal experience as a survivor of Catholic clergy sexual abuse to be an instrument of healing for those living with sexual wounds. Krista seeks to restore hope and the potential of flourishing for those grappling with similar life experiences, inspiring and empowering others to discover  the transformative freedom that comes with the pursuit of interior healing, spiritually and psychologically.


In launching this initiative, Krista is making herself available to speak publicly and to mobilize the laity to obtain an environment of accountability, transparency, and accompaniment. True accompaniment and support for victims of trauma, especially clergy sexual abuse, requires that communities walk with them in their suffering and help connect them with the emotional and spiritual resources they need. Krista seeks to assist parishes, dioceses, and other communities to establish support groups for victims of abuse, and actively educate the laity and clergy on how to appropriately respond to trauma.


Krista has a professional background in missions and the Nonprofit sector, with experience in leadership development and the fields of special needs and mental health, including trauma informed care and crisis management. With her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies and goal of pursuing a masters degree in counseling, Krista is passionate about helping others find healing and discovering their own mission.

The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us?

- Dorothy Day

Speaking Topics

  • Healing Wounds: Finding Your Mission
  • Responding to Trauma: A Psychological Perspective
  • My story: From Hurt, to Hope and Healing
  • For Parishes: The Abuse Crisis and Moving Forward


  • Young Adults
  • Lay members
  • Clergy
  • Parishes
  • Survivors of sexual trauma
  • Seminarians
  • Non-profits and business leaders