Krista Keil

Telling my story is my attempt to grasp at Mercy and to give hope where it’s needed. Hearing the faint whisper, Do not be afraid.” If my story can help just one person begin a conversation about a wound, then sharing my story is completely worth it. While I want to deliver a message of Mercy, I also want to deliver a message of hope.


An excerpt from Matthew Kelly’s book, “Decision Point,” includes the following quote that continues to infuse me with strength and inspiration:

“The phrase that appears more times than any other message in the Bible is, “Do not be afraid.” God’s message to humanity has always been, “Do not be afraid.” Do not be afraid to trust Him and to give Him your hurts and brokenness. Do not be afraid to ask God the big questions and see where they might lead you. Perhaps this is why St. Pope John Paul the Second often gave the Church the message, “Do not be afraid.”


For anyone walking amidst trauma, or for those struggling with the Church- there is healing. Don’t give up. Don’t give up on God, and don’t give up on the Church. Keep grasping for Truth, keep asking questions, and keep seeking answers. It’s challenging, but keep grappling. God didn’t create the wounds, humanity did. God wants your healing, and He wants healing for His beloved Church. Do not be afraid to open your wounds, because therein lies God’s tender love and mercy. It can be difficult to see amidst the face of any sort of trauma, but beauty can come from great suffering, and that beauty, will be a more powerful source than the suffering ever was.


Ultimately, Jesus is the Healer of our souls, and we must bring our wounds and concerns to the feet of the One who knows and understands every pain and every injustice, for He bore it first. Walk with Him, and He will guide the way.


“…to be human is to be in conflict, to offend and be offended. To be human in light of the Gospel is to face conflict in redemptive dialogue.” ~John Howard Yoder